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Our Mission

Dexterity aims to bridge the gap between the standard of living in developing and developed countries by educating individuals on basic life skills. By using Raspberry Pi's and cost-efficient screens, we are able to provide an accessible form of online education. Things like sanitation, medicine, proper infrastructure, security, water purification are hard to understand in developing countries, especially when you live in extreme poverty. Dexterity teaches these people those skills without having to be there in person. Our main focus is over 5 main pillars: Medicine, Sanitation, Food and Water Security, Personal Security, and Basic Educationn (e.g. literacy and financial understanding).

Who are We?

Educating Educators

The content on our devices is crowdsourced from educators in training. Students will make videos and provide content for Dexterity as assignments. Once vetted, their content can be put into our tablets

Hardware Production

We manufacture cheap, educational, tablets that are easily accessible for those all around the world

Increasing Quality of Life

We aim to provide individuals with devices that can teach them basic life skills, from sanitation to first aid to safety.

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A message from the Founders

In some developing countries, you can go on the streets, and see people just standing there, staring. There are people out there who can barely think. It’s almost impossible for them to be successful, at least by our standards. So they stand on the streets and just look out. It’s so unfair. They weren’t able to choose this lifestyle. If they had the option, they definitely wouldn’t have. Your environment dictates who you are and where you end up. We grew up in Toronto, Canada, to middle class families. We struck gold. After thinking about our privilege, we starting looking at things differently, and we both realized that we have the potential to make a difference and actually help people, just because of the environment we were born into. We thought: 🔑 “Hey if people can’t choose their environment, why don’t we try to improve the environment they’re born into? Bring our environment to them?” That's how Dexterity was formed.

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